Get in the Crypto Boom Not By Buying Coins But Actually Mining Them.
Be Like The Banks, Casinos And Insurance Companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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1) What is Mining CryptoCurrency? How does it work How does it make money?

Mining cryptocurrency involves the use of specialized computer hardware designed to solve complex mathematical algorithms which when solved add to the blockchain.

Miners are rewarded with a coin when they solve the algorithms which in turn have value in the market place. At the moment, there is approximately 1 bitcoin mined on the planet every 10 minutes.

The computers are designed and engineered to mine specific types of currency and are not interchangeable between different currency types. These computers are housed in large data centers with other mining units and can be operated more efficiently than at home or in a business location due to the high power consumption these units require.

Leveraging our best negotiation skills has reduced our cost of mining significantly and that keeps our costs down.

2) What is the difference between mining bitcoin and buying bitcoin directly?

With bitcoin mining, you actually make new coins by solving the mathematical blockchain algorithms associated with each currency type. These coins are typically created at a fraction of the market value of the coin which creates a spread or earnings for the miner.

Buying coins is an investment strategy where the purchaser either trades or holds the coin for appreciation.

This strategy is viewed as more risky than mining.

3) Is there risk in mining?

Yes, Crypto Currency is a great opportunity and becoming more mainstream, but it is still a very risky vehicle for any anyone getting involved.

In fact, in all aspects for Crypto from mining to trading are high risk investments.

CryptoCurrency is not a get a rich quick scheme and should be looked at as a long term value proposition.

Under no circumstances should you ever put more than 10% of your net worth, into Crypto Currency or any investments for that matter.

4) How do I get paid from my mining and where does it go too?

The mining proceeds and any bonuses are paid out daily from the computer pool to your unique online account.

This is paid out in bitcoin and can be transferred out to your bitcoin wallet at any time.

5) Once I buy mines, can I buy more?

You are purchasing computer hardware that is pooled together to create a mining pool.

Miners can purchase hardware units which gives them the opportunity to earn income from these mining activities.

You are able to buy new mining pools now, but we give no guarantee there will be more available, but if there are more, you will be able to buy direct from the website.

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