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Have you ever wondered why you're making yourself crazy running in a million different directions, trying to be everything to everyone?

Barbara Longue

What would it mean to you to meet every day with serenity and calm? How would it affect your life to handle every situation with grace and without worry?These are not dreams - if you're willing to do the work, these outcomes are not only possible, they're guaranteed.In her latest book, Barbara describes how the benefits of regular meditation are indisputable. Health, spiritual, relationship, and increased productivity are a few of the benefits realized. Once you learn how to access this powerful tool and make it part of your daily practice, you'll be on your way to creating serenity and success.Join Barbara on her amazing journey from living in one of the world's biggest cities to an off-the-grid piece of paradise in Tasmania on the other side of the world. In addition to being a speaker, cryptocurrency investor, business rebound specialist, Barbara's a globe-trotting entrepreneur. She's also the co-founder of the Vortex Healing Centre, mindfulness, coaching, and training centre.


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