10 Habits to Get Unstuck from Overwhelm

10 Helpful Habits to Breakthrough Overwhelm and Find Happiness Right Where You Are Right Here, Right Now

This could be you...

This could be you…

  1. Practice what you preach. Making your actions congruent with your desires is a great way to eliminate major stress. Stop telling your kids to “Do as I say, not as I do!”  Works the same when give advice to friends and colleagues, “Hey check this out, I haven’t tried yet, but I really believe it should work.”  Wrong.  If you want to preach about anything, let your actions do the talking first.
  2. Stop and listen. Really helpful tip. You especially need to listen to that little voice inside your head, your intuition.  It won’t fail you. And also applies to all those people you keep trying to talk over.  It doesn’t matter if you know best, listen anyway.
  3. Stop and meditate. Similar to the last suggestion but stopping everything you’re doing and taking time for you brain and body to rest and reset. Meditation is the quickest way to do that. This doesn’t have to mean moving to the woods in a far off land and sitting cross-legged for hours.  It’s as simple as 5-10 min every morning sitting upright with your eyes closed and paying attention to your breath, following it in and out.
  4. Take a long slow walk. Walking is slow. It’s slower than taking a run. Which is way this doesn’t just say exercise daily. Walking allows you time to hear the birds and start to notice everything around you again.  Pay attention.  Bring your awareness to your every step, to your every breath. To all that you see, feel and hear as you walk. Notice if your mind starts to race and let your mind know you can finish your schedule/resolve that issue later and bring your awareness back to your walk, to your breath, to your step, to your surroundings. Breathe deeply.
  5. Make a list of 10 ideas. This is a habit I’ve picked up from James Altucher, and it’s completely revolutionized my life and my business. Sounds dramatic I know.  But giving yourself the creativity to bring up good ideas, bad ideas, just letting it all flow has made all the rest of my life and work so much easier.  This list itself came from this daily practice.  The ideas might be for your business, for someone else’s business.  Things you want to do, things you wish you had said.  Anything.  Just don’t stop until you’ve come up with 10 ideas on one subject.  Then throw them out.  They may not be that good.  Just kidding.  Kind of.  Some of them will be great, some of them will totally suck.  It’s all ok.  It’s all part of the process.  Share the ones you like.
  6. Throw away your to do list. There is nothing that causes stress and overwhelm list a to do. List.  Get rid of it.  Pick the ONE single most important thing you can do today to move forward toward your goal.  If your goal is make money, find a new client.  What’s the ONE best thing you can do today to move you even a little bit closer DO THAT.  Skip all the rest. Or do just one more thing but count it as extra credit. Repeat this process daily.
  7. Send a special message to your spouse or partner. Keep sending them special messages and don’t worry about getting a response. Just keep sending out the love.  If you don’t have a partner, practice random acts of kindness to a complete stranger.
  8. Send a special message to your family or friends. Stay in touch! Don’t even worry about whether they respond or not.  They’re probably overwhelmed with daily BS if they don’t have this list.  Just keep sending out the love.
  9. Check your daily schedule the night before and let your brain handle the heavy lifting while you sleep. Surrender to the fact that tomorrow is a new day, and you will give your schedule all the attention it needs.
  10. Practice gratitude. What NEW things can you be grateful for today. There is an amazing correlation between gratitude and happiness that’s been proven scientifically.  Quit screwing around and complaining and start noticing and journaling about what you are grateful for.