About us

Barbara Longue is the author of the forthcoming book “Grow Your Ultra Profitable and Highly Portable Business” and has been travelling both near and far for numerous decades now.

She’s discovered many secrets to grow your business fast and have plenty of free time to travel if you wish

or just stay home and do nothing…

Barbara Longué began around the globe travelling during college with a semester abroad in Cairo Egypt.  That began many long adventures on the road both at home and abroad looking for that ideal spot.

Barbara lived in France for 7 years and began an international career in the wine business using her degree in international finance from Georgetown University to jumpstart a career in the wine business.   When she began studying enology and viticulture in France, little did she know that this career would span three decades and take her all over the planet to so many beautiful, tasty and delicious spots.

She began her own marketing consulting business for the wine industry in NY & NJ ten years ago, and now helps business owners all over the world double, triple or 10x their income while working less than half the amount of time and enjoying their travels to exotic locations.

Barbara Longue has been consulting and coaching business owners formally and informally for many years.

She holds the following certifications:

Certified as Instant Miracle Coach

Certified Ultra High Frequency Energy Healing Master

Certified as Peace Process Masterr

Certified as Muscle Testing Master

Barbara Longue is one of only 200 coaches on the planet certified as an Extraordinary Coach

One of only 22 coaches on the planet certified as Christian Mickelsen’s Instant Miracle Master Teacher