10 Tips to Get Started on Blab

10 Tips to Get Started on Blab

Riano - the Blab "on Air"

Riano – means Blab “on Air”

Blab.im is one of the hottest trending topics online right now and for good reason.  It’s a fascinating mix of cocktail party, webinar, and old style chat room.

The setup allows 4 people to be live on video and everyone else can listen in and watch the conversation and participate live by adding comments and giving “props” or feels when they like what they hear.

The setup also allows for the 4 people to be interchangeable and someone can “hop off” a seat or “hop in” for live video.  Even the host can be jump off and he/she can make someone else co-host to carry on…

This is a really cool way to keep everyone engaged.

Blab’s can start, end and turn in very unusual ways the same way a great conversation can evolve when you’re chatting with friends.

  1. Setup or double check your twitter account signin – I have not been a big user of twitter, so there were some hickups in confirming a new email address, so check that out first.
  2. Once you’ve hit the Signup button that signs you in through your twitter account, see who’s online right now and click on a blab and see what’s going on.
  3. Don’t jump onto one of the “seats” where you’ll be seen live streaming without your makeup on. It’s always a surprise to me to see exactly what my hair looks like today and “Oh my, better get the brush out!” look, so do make yourself presentable if will be seen on the screen.
  4. After you’ve checked out a couple of blabs, Run your own show.
  5. Schedule your first show with a friend. Hopefully someone who’s been using blab already and can help you with any technical difficulties.
  6. Check out some of the key blab notes online: I found this tutorial by Marc Levy extremely helpful in getting started with my first blab. http://www.marc-levy.com/blab-im-tutorial/
  7. Set an end time for your show – these things can run on for forever it seems and if the topic changes or your done with your first theme, I think it’s better to end one show and begin another so that your replays are more organized.
  8. Have a co-host for your first few shows. It can be challenging to edit the comments and keep the flow of conversation going, so one of you can pay more attention to the comments.
  9. Remind everyone to share this blab with their friends by “tell a little bird” and keep the message spreading to get more people on the blab.
  10. Keep your discussion engaging and ask people to give you “props” as the hands are shown. They are very useful as a tool for you to see what is engaging to your audience.  And that is very important to your business!
  11. Have fun! You can make this interesting and still give lots of value to your audience.
  12. If you’re calling from some far off place with limited internet access (like me) find a better time of day or location to make your blab. There is no bandwidth selection like on google hangouts, so if your connection drops, you become a blipping dot and no one can hear you anymore. I’m learning this one the hard way…

All in all, I’m going to keep exploring this new platform, and I will keep trying to get my internet speed up here in forests of Tasmania.

I’d love to know if this was useful to you.





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