5 Biggest Money Blocks

It must be an irresistible offer when 3 people grab something in the first 30 minutes, and many more throughout the day. That’s what happened last week when I introduced you to Nina Cooke. Awesome!

I checked in with Nina and warned her that I thought too many people were going to take up her time. And her response? Bring ’em on!

So, I guess Nina knows what she’s doing, and unless she has disabled the link (or raised the price), you can still get your own Inner Game Coaching Session for zero money.

We did a blab together and while we were still on the call, a signed contract with a new client came through. It was pretty amazing. Then later that same day I received the largest lump sum I’ve had for our brick and mortar business: $41,766.24. Took me by surprise too!

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How? Could be a lot of things, but having a childhood block removed feels like it was a big part of it.

Meet Nina Cooke, Master Inner Game Coach Extraordinaire!

Nina and I had a very powerful session together last month. And I won’t go into what she did or how, but she was able to uncover my most limiting belief and remove it.

Once that was gone, the money started flowing in.

Now, I know all about the what’s and how’s to be successful, but the truth is that until I felt I deserved it, I wasn’t motivated to take action and get bigger results.

I’ve arranged for you to have a strategy session with Nina as well and let her remove a block for you.

Normally, Nina would charge $497 for a session like this (she doesn’t do free sessions because rather than taking that first call to sell to you, she simply wants to get results for you).

So I asked Nina if she’d be willing to have a session with people in my audience for only $97.

And she said yes, sort of… but then she didn’t want to block out the full 2 hours this normally takes so instead we’ve created a way for you to get a feel for what she does with zero cost attached.

Here’s the deal – Nina made a limited number of spots available to coach my audience. She can’t justify spending all of her time doing zero cost sessions, but if you contact her right away, she can let you know if she’s got a spot for you.

This is not a 15 minute intro session – this is a 1 hour, “Dig into your childhood and remove a block” session.

The session is fully guaranteed – if you don’t feel like it was invaluable, please let me know.

Here’s how to have your session:

1. Simply click this link and sign up for your session – if the link no longer works, then that means that her calendar is full:

2. You will then receive an email with direct access to Nina’s calendar.

That’s it! An easy decision with no risk that can remove your biggest block toward success.

Just click this link and let Nina remove your block so that you can have your best business month too!