Can you really attract all the clients you want using facebook?

Webinar-post alinaI’ve been marketing and getting clients on facebook for the last two years, and I’ve helped dozens of people do the same.

I had one guy so upset at me after he sold his first $4000 worth of product online after creating his new business page I didn’t know what to reply. What? I asked? How can you be upset? “Well now I have to work again…” was his answer.

Can’t please people sometimes.

Would you like to get paid for surfing on facebook?

If yes, check out the info from my friend Alina Vincent. She’s got a webinar and lots of free info to help you turn Facebook from a time waster into a bonafide income channel.

– Here’s link to her webinar – I think you’ll like it.

I personally have been using facebook for fun and profit, but it didn’t start out that way.

I hate all the games, and stupid cat videos some of my friends circulate. And initially I didn’t believe it when people told me that it was possible to make money with facebook.

But it is.

The first thing you need to do is get started.

And Alina has a great way to get you moving.

Check it out here.

My biggest tip for people to start attracting comments and tips on facebook is to get going with a regular schedule of postings. That helps me to not be overwhelmed by the gazillion strategies everyone has out there. Start with 1 strategy.

Start posting every day.

I use a spreadsheet to track what theme I want to post for that day. Like for me Mondays is Marketing Mondays. Thursday is link to my blog post. Just like this one here…

Get over the overwhelm and just start doing it. You’ll learn best what’s working for you, your style and your ideal clients by what they react to. Because that’s what you. You want to to react, interact and talk to you.

And they will talk to you if you give them a reason to respond to you.

You can ask open-ended questions.

You post pictures of yourself behind the scenes at your office.

You can do a quick 90 sec video on you phone.

That’s my favorite – adding videos that I shoot myself because people love watching videos.

I’m always amazed at how many people tell me they’ve watched them when I meet them in person even if they don’t always comment, so I know my message is getting out there.

And if I hadn’t lost my iphone 3 weeks ago, I would be uploading more this week. Oops, but how to live without a phone at all would be another complete blog.

A few years I really couldn’t have done it.

I would have felt like I was dying if my phone was out of power, let alone not physically having my phone with me.

It’s taken me nearly 3 years of living of the grid with all solar & wind power and only intermittent internet and phone access to break that dependency and addiction on my phone.

I teach people how to use their phone instead of their laptop so that they can be more mobile.

And now maybe it’s time to teach people how to turn off their phone and get a life back.

At a minimum you have your phone turned on airplane mode when you go to sleep. Stop all those beeps and bleeps when you should be sleeping. You don’t really have to check your email or messages at 3 am in the morning…

But maybe that’s my next blog…