Get a life…

What a common phrase we use when someone’s being an idiot and just not getting a grip.

Get a life!

But what does that really mean?  Are they dead? Are they part of the walking dead?

Are you one of the zombies who keep thinking “I’ll do what I really want to do next year”?  Or when I retire?  Or when I get a new job?

Or who knows what they’re waiting for?

Do you know what you’re waiting for?

Are you still waiting to take that big vacation with your family to Europe?  Waiting for the dollar to change?  Waiting to figure out how to get your business to run smoothly and efficiently whether you’re in Provence sipping cocktails or dragging your body through the motions of running your business.

Maybe you’ve made yourself totally indispensable in your business and you just can’t get away.

Does that sound familiar?


Do you really think all those hours commuting or struggling to make ends meet magically goes away?

Do you really think all you need are positive affirmations to magically change your life?


What you really need is to create the life YOU want.

YOU need to create it.

YOU need to make it happen.

Wait.  But my income won’t allow me to do that?  You say.

Well then you’ll need to create a new income stream.

On the side.  In addition to or instead of.

Maybe you need to start investing your money wisely instead of spending it.

Stop dreaming and just hoping and start DOING.


You want a different result, right?

Well you can’t keep doing the same damn thing and expecting a different result.

No, your relationship with your spouse will NOT be different tomorrow unless YOU do something different.

No your income won’t be any higher next week, next month, next year unless YOU do something different.

What action will you take today to DO something different?