Here’s an Easy way to Create a Habit that Sticks.

There are a million ways to make a habit stick.  At least, there are a million ways people say you can make a habit stick.

Here’s one method I’m finding very useful. It might work for you…

And it should be a good start to getting better proficiency at writing.  If it takes 1000 hours to become an expert at something, writing for 1 hr/day after 3 years, I should be unstoppable!

I can’t wait to see what happens when I really can communicate who I am, who I can help and who can be helped by me most effectively.  And it will mean I can reach out to more people in writing both letters and emails.  Seems I’ve been lagging a bit behind on that one.

Creating a habit takes work to get started, but once it’s a habit, it feels almost effortless.  At the moment, I’m trying to create the habit of writing for 1 hour every day.  To make that not seem daunting, or impossible, I’ve setup a goal of writing just 400 words every day.  I want to be successful at this.  I don’t want to stretch my goal too far, or the process will turn this into a willpower fight instead of creating an auto response to I will write every day.

The easiest method I’ve found for creating a habit is to set the smallest goal possible that you can GUARANTEE yourself that you will do every day.  What?  Doesn’t that go against all the goal setting icons out there saying you have to take massive action.

Yeah, it might, but the reality is massive action is not sustainable.  Tiny baby steps every single day will take you a lot further in the long rain AND get your head on straight to be ready for success.

I keep the smallest goal for daily action every day until that’s almost routine, then I stretch the goal slightly each week until I’m at the desired level, and the daily habit is fully engrained.

Will it take 3 weeks?  10 Weeks?

I don’t know how long it will take you.   I’m 3 weeks into this habit and it still feels a little gritty, like, yes I’m getting it done, but it still presses buttons for me every day. I’m taking it slow.  I want this habit to last.

Surrender to the fact that it might be a piece of cake to do every day for the first month, then it might get really hard to stick with you plan.

Or it might be a piece of cake for 1 week, you get cocky and suddenly you’re missing a day here & there.  Don’t.

Don’t get cocky.

Stick with your original plan.

Keep taking those baby steps.

My goal is to write 1000 words everyday, but even the thought of that was overwhelming to me.

So I’ve settled for writing 400 words everyday and building up to 1000 words or more.

I set this goal because I’d really like to get more confident and more proficient at getting my message out to the world with ease and grace.  Because now, I’ll tell you, it’s still a struggle for me.

But it’s been 3 weeks now that I’ve been writing 400 words every day and I’m feeling so much better about getting out my blogs.  Before, I would write a blog and leave it sit on my computer and not upload it thinking it wasn’t good enough.  They probably weren’t.

And some blogs I wrote, uploaded, then didn’t share it anywhere…

Now I write enough both good & bad material every single day and it’s a lot easier to feel comfortable with my own writing style and my own litmus test of “is it good enough?.

Damn that perfectionism bit again.

Well, in any case, this is how I am creating a habit.  It actually links to a big goal for my business which is to get my message out to the world.  To help as many people transform their business to more profits, power and peace.

What habit would you like to add to your business or your life?

I’d love to hear…