How to Ban someone from your Facebook Page


How to Ban someone from your Fan Page

I never thought I would be teaching anyone how to ban people from your page when the usual idea of marketing is to get more people involved and to “like” your page.

Friends, Fans, what’s the difference and when do you need to cut the cords and slice off someone from your Facebook page? And doesn’t that totally go against the entire concept of marketing?

Yes, and no. We know there will always be “haters” out there. And generally, I encourage people to take a stance and say what they really mean and what they really believe even if that might be controversial. That in itself can drive the conversation and help turn you

So here’s Facebook’s official current version:

To remove someone who likes your Page:

    1. Click Settings at the top of your Page.

    2. Click Banned Users in the left column.

    3. Click Banned and select People Who Like This.

    4. Click next to the person you want to remove and select Remove.

    5. Click Confirm.

The whole concept of “banned”users or banishing users reminds me of days long ago when people were banished from the tribe and left to die in the wilderness. That obviously isn’t what happens today, but the tribe that you create with your Facebook page is a tribe that you nurture and cultivate. So banishment is like the final straw.

What brought this whole situation up is another fascinating topic. Death. Death and the dying. Are they still sacrosanct? I say yes, what got this user banned was an offensive comment about a friend of mind who is within weeks, possibly days of dying. Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Liver and kidneys have already shut down, so yes, this felt like I got kicked in the gut. Who could possibly do something like that? And it felt like this person was not just kicking someone when they are down, but kicking someone when they are dying. Literally. It was too much for my tribe to take! I had multiple calls and messages from people urging me to ban this person. And so I did.

The whole thing actually made me feel sorry for this person, that they could be so miserable, lonely and full of self-loathing that they would do something like that. And I wanted to help the others of my tribe to not hate this person for what they’ve done. Here’s what I published to my meditation page:

“Sometimes, there really are people who hate…. Really hate. People maybe just across town who hate each other. I hate to watch it! And yet sometimes when I do mehta meditation it almost seems fake – how could you love someone who could send so much hate out into this world?

Seems all wars are founded on this notion – only dissension and unhappiness can flow from this state, yet here we are… When it seems impossible to send love “ëven to those who don’t deserve it.” Lots of shit comes up. We all have it. it’s hard to send love to people who “don’t deserve it.”

So why not just trying to send “unhate”? And notice whether feeling the feelings of hate is “useful or not useful”. and if it’s not a useful sentiment, maybe just try sending unhate. That is until love can actually flow for real…

Sometimes “unhate “is a good first step when people are really being idiots!

And that brings me right back to death. Social media may actually be changing how we look at death. And for me, it’s really about spending more time talking about death, but more time living life full on. That’s really what’s at the heart of all the “lifestyle entrepreneur”movement. We are all marching forward to our last day, most of us won’t know when that will be. But realizing that we have a limited time on this planet makes every second of every day important.

And this makes me want to spend the least amount of time with people who “just don’t get” how precious every moment is… If every second of every hour is precious, I would like to do things that are worthwhile, uplifting and that make things better even in some small way for people I love. What’s one small thing you can do today that will be uplifting?