What to do instead of Setting Useless New Years Eve Resolutions

If you really want to Double or Triple your Business in 2015 you need a plan.  Right now.
I don’t know why, but I’ve never really liked New Years’ Parties and all the hoopla of forced celebration.
I’ve always much preferred a quiet end to the old year, and time to plan and create a vision for the new year.  From college days of feeling like getting drunk was the most important thing on the planet to realizing that any day that I’m alive is good day to create a business and a life I love.
Anyway, The advantage of doing the fun stuff like planning and creating a deep and meaningful vision for what you love at year’s end or early in the year is simply is simply following the calendar and tax guidelines.  It’s an easy marker and not only a great time to buy a new calendar, but a great time to put down action plans for the New Year.
With the New Year in just a few days, you are probably thinking about what you might like to create, improve, or do differently next year…

If so, I’d like to offer you support. (Even if you don’t think you need support, accepting it signals the Universe that you are serious about 2015!)

By February 1, most people have already FAILED with their New Year’s resolutions. BUT, it doesn’t have to be that way.and  I don’t want that to happen to you!

That’s why I created a special livestream event called Easy Planning to Double or Triple your Business in 2015
… so you will be ahead of the curve, be one of the 1% who SUCCEED, and create an upward spiraling year with a life you LOVE living.

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I’d love to support you in dreaming your New Year and giving you the tools to make your dream your reality. I already know that next year can be your best year ever, but only if you take the time to dream it, design it, and take action to live it.

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