Madonna, Snap Chat & Me…

Madonna, Snap Chat and Me…

What do Madonna, Snap Chat and Me have in common?

Nothing at all!  Except that I come from the same generation as Madonna. And I am about to launch onto a whole new platform that is very unfamiliar to me and is quite daunting in order to reach a whole new audience.  And I’m sure that’s exactly what happened when Madonna launched her most recent album on the “ghost-like” disappearing chat service Snap chat.  This is a major coup for Snap chat to bring it into mainstream media, and it’s a major coup for Madonna to show how she’s always been on the forefront of trying out new things and pushing boundaries in every direction.

My new TV and podcast “Globe Trotting Entrepreneur Secrets” may not be in anywhere near the same league for the rest of the world, but I can tell you it sure pushed my buttons trying to get this launch together and get over the fear of putting myself out there in a totally new and totally vulnerable way.

It’s been a huge growth process which really means it’s been a very painful yet illuminating and exciting time of personal growth!  That phrase huge personal growth reminds me of when a realtor means when he says a house is  cute and tidy and everyone else knows that means it’s probably a ilttle shack on a median strip along a busy highway…

I really felt called to do this show and share so many of the secrets to earn money and grow your business while you live an abundant life.  A life with an abundance of  time, abundance  of love, and abundance of happiness and course, abundance of money!   I happen to love to travel, so I add that in there as well.   And I’ve pulled together dozen s of my favorite friends and other business experts who are willing and able to share their secrets to success as well.

I can’t wait for you to see what’s coming tomorrow with the live video and podcast feeds.  Please tune infor some great shows.

I’ll be answering all of your questions in an upcoming episode so please keep the comments, emails and FB messages coming.