How many ways can you sabotage your business?

Seems like the number of ways to sabotage your own business is endless.

One of my favorite things to do the instant I feel like writing a blog post, which I know can make me money, is to click on any red update button on my wordpress site.

Whew! That feels better.  Now to sit down and write.

Damnit, my tea is cold, maybe I should just get up and get a nice hot drink.

Wait, what if I just check from my facebook page right now, I use that for business too, I’ll just check in over there first…

Well, well,  some days go like that.

Of course, there are even better ways to sabotage your business.  How about setting a launch date for your book, website, webcast, and allowing the fear to build up so that you procastinate and move out of your perfect time line into an overstressed time line where things get screwed up.

How about not properly setting expectations for employees or not having standard operating procedures so that they know what to do and when to do it so that YOU get the results you want.

How about not keeping track of your businesses important numbers? Sales? Clients?  Cashflow?

The list truly is endless.  And we know for a fact that 92.8% of all that STUFF and procastination is all YOUR fault. YOUR mindset.  YOUR stucked-ness.  Damnit.

There isn’t another tip or technique to get you out of your head!  There are very real practices and people who can help you get over your businesses biggest obstacle to growth, YOU.

Find a coach, find someone you resonate with who can help you get over the silly things you’re doing instead of being productive and making money.

Then it’s quite easy to get out of your own way and let the money flow rivers of abundance!

For we all know we’re surrounded by abundance.

An abundance of cash,

An abundance of love,

An abundance of light,

An abundance of life.

Call me if you’d like help right now getting your business moving forward and get you out of your funk.