My biz anywhere…

Would you like to be sitting here?

Would you like to be sitting here?



I’ve been struggling for months to get my head around the idea that I had to get a new domain name for my coaching practice.

I put it off.

I avoided it.

I admitted that it’s nearly impossible to spell entrepreneur – even for most entrepreneurs!

And typing it into my iphone all the time was ridiculous.

Enough already!

I looked again at what I do, and who I serve:

I help business owners offline and online get their team, systems and tools in place to run their business from anywhere on the planet, even if they think that’s impossible.

Then a friend mentioned a great online resource:

Click the link now and bookmark it, because it’s a keeper.

It’s like brainstorming with 10 people around you throwing out names –AND it instantly tells you if the domain is available or not.  Genius stuff.

I picked a few right off the bat that I liked:, and I called up another friend to pick her brain on the subject.  Neither sounded as good when I said them outloud, so we kept searching.  And came up with:

I like it and I think it will be great to say outloud on my podcast and I won’t be tripping over the words quite so much.  At least I hope I won’t be tripping over the words…

Does your website name speak directly to your avatar?

What do you do when you get stuck?  I highly recommend you surround yourself by people who are willing to listen, share and care. They can be friends, they can be paid.  But you may want to stop thinking that the world will end if you don’t do everything yourself?

I went through all the detail of how I came up with my new domain name because your team is really critical to your success.  Surrounding yourself with people you trust is so important.

Who can you call today to get the brain juices flowing?

Just a thought.  Maybe you need to practice getting the brain juices flowing so that you’re ready when the big questions come up.  Questions much bigger than what’s my domain name.

I actually do travel a lot for fun and to visit family.  I’ve got a family holidy to Thailand for 10days and my business won’t skip a beat. I usually take my work with me.  I know a lot of other people who do that as well.  They might rent a villa in Tuscany for 3 months and still be able to check on their business in New York.  We are truly in the ages of global village.  So when I talk about helping people get away their desk and start living their life, it’s because I do.  I may choose different things to do than you would, but I choose to spend waaay more hours doing what I want.