So, you have a book in you?

Do you have a book in you?

I found out yesterday that my freshman roommate from college just published her NY Times #1 best seller. It was an amazingly thrill to see someone succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

That brought up a lot of pride in me that I could somehow also be a success vicariously! I know silly me. I didn’t’ write that! But maybe some of her amazing talent will rub off on me.

In this case, I can tell you Mary Jordan and her husband Kevin Sullivan are two of the nicest people on the planet and probably two of the most talented writers. What an honor that we all can receive their gift to the world with a simple amazon purchase.

This book is the true story of horrible kidnapping and hostage taking of 3 women for over 10 years in Ohio told by two of the women themselves. Amanda Berry and Gina de Jesus made headlines around the world when Amanda escaped, called 911 and said “Help me… I’m Amanda Berry I’ve been kidnapped and I’ve been missing for 10 years.”

Here’s a link to the book – No kindle published as yet which I’ll have to talk to Mary about… Living so far away, I find it quite difficult to justify the outrageous shipping charges to get books delivered here so I use kindle almost exclusively.

Your story may not be quite as dramatic and you may not want or need to have two Pulitzer prize-winning authors help you write it. But most people I speak with believe they have a book in them. A story they want to share ideas and a history of what their journey was and is. So I ask you, do you have a book in you?

I am still finishing up my forthcoming book “Globe Trotting Entrepreneur: How to Grow Your Ultra Profitable Highly Portable Business”. More on that later.

My biggest suggestion? Don’t go it alone! There are lots of resources out there to help you start, or finish your book. Here’s one that I highly recommend. Christine Closer has helped thousands of people get their book done. Here’s a great place to start…

My business coach and friend Kellan Fluckiger holds a fantastic 2 Day Book Challenge that just started but worth getting in on for the next one. Click here for more info. Tell him Barbara Longue sent you…

Whatever your strategy around your book, I urge you to start putting pen to paper or start recording your thoughts on your phone. What’s the smallest, tiniest step you could take today that would move you in the right direction?

I’d love to hear your comments.